We are a manufacturer of premium wood fuel pellets, all natural 100% wood fire logs, fire starter (gel & shavings), animal bedding, Quick FireTM "in a box", and BBQ pellets. The quality products combined with a strong value proposition has provided us the platform to build category leading brands. We continue to lead the industry in innovation, product development, and service.

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West Oregon Wood Products continues to strive toward supplying high quality products and expanding product lines. To help us better understand the varied applications and installations of stoves in which our pellets may be used, we invite you to fill out our feedback form.
  • Quality and consistency of products is unsurpassed.
  • Consumer recognition of, and loyalties to, West Oregon's brand names.
  • Stability - West Oregon, a pioneer of the industry, has manufactured pellets for almost 25 years.
  • Strategically located shipping points offer competitive price and ensure timely shipments.
  • Dedicated store and consumer service.



Over the years, thousands of customers have come to enjoy the value and benefits of burning High Energy Firelogs in their woodstoves and fireplaces. Check out this additional use for knocking the chill out of those cool summer nights out back on the patio......

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West Oregon Wood Products Inc, Firewood, Columbia City, OR

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